Since 2013, Fabriano is acknowledged among the UNESCO creative cities, thanks to its centuries-old tradition in the manufacturing of paper. You can discover this art in the Paper Museum, where it will be shown how paper was produced in the Middle Ages, with the chance to perform an educational laboratory if you desire to. Moreover, Fabriano can boast an important pictorial movement in the XIII and XIV centuries, which has the painter Gentile da Fabriano as the most notable member. In the Civic Art Gallery Bruno Molajoli you can find several works related to this movement, contemporary art and temporary exhibitions.

The watercolour international festival Fabriano in Acquarello, host every year during the spring period, takes to Fabriano hundreds of artists to exhibit their works in the most relevant buildings in the city centre. Additional information regarding this event, and others in Fabriano, can be found in the dedicated section and following the links at the bottom of this page.


The visit to the beautiful Frasassi Caves cannot be missed! Open since 1974, the accessible part of the cave has been broadened during the years and the current duration of the guided visit is about 1 hour. Regarding clothing, due to its constant temperature around 14°C during all year, it is suggested to wear an appropriate dress, in particular during summer season. Other parts of the cave are accessibile only by expert speleologists.

A few meters from the entrance of the Frasassi Caves, you can start walking along a mountain path which will take you to the suggestive Temple of Valadier, placed in the mountain recess. During Christmas time, the path is the location of one of the most famous living nativity scenes in Le Marche.

To all the fans of rock climbing and outdoor activities, every year it is held the Frasassi Climbing Festival. Additional info and dates can be found at the link below in this page or in the Events section.

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