Camerino hosts one of oldest Universities in Italy. The village had a relevant role during the Italian Renaissance under the Seignory of the Da Varano Lords, and still today we can admire the palaces and fortifications built in that period. The most relevant places are the Palazzo Ducale, headquarter of the University, the Cattedrale main church, the Rocca Borgesca, which gives you a fantastic view on the Sibillini Mountains, and the Rocca Varano, a fortified castle outside the city centre. In May, the traditional medieval festival Palio di Camerino e Corsa alla Spada takes place.

Please note that, as a consequence of earthquakes events in 2016, the most part of the city centre is not accessible.


The Infiorata flower festival, held in Castelraimondo for the religious Corpus Domini celebration, attracts seversal hundreds people in the village. Several events and outdoor markets are organized during the summer season. Just outside the city centre you can visit the Castello di Lanciano, an historical aristocratic residence now open to visitors.

Additional information regarding the events in Castelraimondo visit the dedicated page.

Please note that, as a consequence of earthquakes events in 2016, the Castello di Lanciano is not accessible.


A few km far Castelraimondo you can reach Pioraco, a small village surrounded by mountains and crossed by the Potenza river. From the city centre it departs the path Li Vurgacci, a suggestive walking along the river. In august, every Monday, an outdoor market takes place in the city centre. Pioraco is also interesting for people practicing rock climbing; in our website page and in web forums you can find additional and useful information.


Departing from Camerino, you can direct towards the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains and the Fiastra Lake, where you can go trekking and mountain biking along the marked paths.

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